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Status check: The Arctic Council’s work on addressing Arctic wildland fires

A conversation between Morten Høglund and Edward Alexander on the Chairship Wildland Fires Initiative
08 Jul 2024

The changing tides of Arctic shipping: how new fuels impact the Arctic

The Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) ban in Arctic waters comes into effect 1 July 2024.However, new fuels in use because of tightening regulations could have a far worse environment...
01 Jul 2024

The Arctic Dilemma

A conversation with Pál Weihe, chief physician and professor in public health in the Faroes Islands about the health and cultural impacts of contaminants on Arctic commun...
27 Jun 2024

Poland’s contribution to active Observer Engagement: Piotr Rakowski on the Warsaw Format Meeting

On June 6, Poland hosted the 8th Warsaw Format Meeting, a platform designed to facilitate a direct dialogue between representatives of the Arctic Council Observer States,...
24 Jun 2024

Envisioning 2041: Young Leaders Simulate the Future of the Arctic

In January 2024, 31 young professionals were tasked with the impossible: to develop a multitude of Arctic policies in less than three hours amidst rapidly evolving circum...
19 Jun 2024

Strategic planning with Indigenous Permanent Participant Organizations during Norwegian Chairship meeting

For the third time since the onset of the Norwegian Chairship a year ago, the Chair of the Senior Arctic Officials convened a meeting with the representatives of the six ...
29 May 2024

Save the Date: Arctic Emergency Management Conference

The first-of-its-kind Arctic Emergency Management Conference will take place in Bodø, Norway from 18-20 March 2025
27 May 2024

One year into the 2023-2025 Norwegian Chairship: A Q&A with SAO Chair Morten Høglund

One year ago, Norway took over as Chair of the Arctic Council in an unprecedented and challenging situation following a pause of all official Arctic Council meetings. Fro...
16 May 2024

Arctic Council Secretariat Annual Report 2023

The latest in a string of unprecedented and eventful years for the Arctic Council Secretariat (ACS), 2023 certainly did not disappoint; bringing about several new challen...
24 Apr 2024

Arctic Congress Bodø 2024: A three-in-one conference for arthropod experts and Arctic ambassadors alike

From 29 May to 3 June, Bodø will serve as the venue for the Arctic Congress Bodø 2024, an event combining the UArctic Congress, the International Congress of Arctic Socia...
23 Apr 2024

New report: types of ships operating in the Arctic

A report from the Arctic Council Working Group on the Protection of the Arctic Marine Environment reveals the types of ships operating in the Arctic
08 Apr 2024

Erika Anne Hayfield on gender equality in the Faroe Islands and small Arctic communities

An interview on the importance of context in gender equality, why mainstream gender approaches might not work in smaller communities and why it’s important to include a m...
26 Mar 2024

Interview with Guri Storaas, EGBCM Chair

Guri Storaas is Deputy Director General at the Norwegian Ministry of Climate and Environment and Chair of the Arctic Council’s Expert Group on Black Carbon and Methane (E...
25 Mar 2024

Q&A on the nexus of gender and the environment with Dr. Malgorzata ‘Gosia’ Smieszek-Rice

We wanted to explore the nexus of gender and environment in the Arctic and caught up with Dr. Malgorzata ‘Gosia’ Smieszek-Rice for a rapid Q&A. Gosia is postdoctoral rese...
19 Mar 2024

Women of the Arctic Council: Guri Storaas

In honor of International Women’s Day on 8 March, we spoke with some women who work with the Arctic Council to learn more about their important work, opportunities and ch...
14 Mar 2024

New educational video launched to help Arctic communities respond to oil spill pollution

The video, developed by Emergency Prevention, Preparedness and Response Working Group (EPPR), is the third and final in a series devoted to oil spill preparedness and res...
08 Mar 2024

Women of the Arctic Council: Sarah Cox

In honor of International Women’s Day this month, we spoke with some women who work with the Arctic Council to learn more about their work, opportunities and challenges f...
07 Mar 2024